Bandits User Interface(BUI)界面美化-增强


Bandits User Interface(BUI)界面美化-增强插件

Developers can read additional information below

Last changes:
Added rotation speed meter

Added six different themes

Added: Ability timers

Added block cost and block mitigation to player stats information

Added enchant cooldown in reticle

Added target status in reticle (Reflection, Off Balance, CC Immunity, etc.)
Added penetration tracker

Added group members death counter
Added context menu for group members frames
Added default frames reposition
Added buffs widgets
Added custom buffs panel
Added black list for buffs
Added taunt tracker
Added penetration info and crit damage bonus to player attributes section
Added phase timers for boss frame

Added PvP Notifications (Snipe, Meteor, Negate, etc.)
Added Combat Notifications (Notifications for Trials, Dungeons, Open world, MSA, DSA and PvP)

Added German translation. Need French translator!
Added Stat sharing
Added Group Notifications ("Healer is dead!", "Your group need Orbs!", "Horn!", "Purge!" etc.)
Proc skills animation and sound
Rejoice Nightblades! Assasins Will tracker now works perfect!

Bandits User Interface. Based on FTC modules (thx to Atropos for permissions).
- Three different UI styles
- Group and Raid frames
- Combat statistics
- Buffs
- Actions (intellectual module, that helps with self buffs and target debuffs uptime’s)
- Minimap
- QuickSlot managar
- Stat sharing
- Combat notifications

— EN
UI styles:
- Arcs Curved frames
Fully customizable player and target bars, placed on center of the screen with many options, like fade, intelligent sizing, reversing, automatic info bar, etc.
- Horisontal stat bars (Improved classic player stat bars)
- Vertical stat bars (FTC style)
- Labeled default stat bars
- Improved Target bar with execution option
All UI styles can be used with each other with different in/out combat fading and transparency

Group/Raid members bars:
- Colored member level
- Member Name/@AccName
- Member class
- Member role
- Animated status effects
- Member buffs
- Member dps (for each fight)
- Dead member throbbing icon
- Intarface buttons and key binds for managing group (slash command /rg)

- Player buffs
- Target buffs
- Debuffs is on buffs panels but they are red
- Effects that cast by player have blue border
- Can be enabled passives 
- Filter for minimum duration
- Combine similar buffs
- Shows stack of ability (Assasins will, bow passive, heavy armor passive, Ravaging, Vengeance etc.)
- Shows food buff reminder
- Shows self buff reminder
- Combat pet reminder is under construction

- Can be enabled two additional buff and debuff bars where placed current player abilitys
- Inactive ability are faded
- Shows stack of ability (Merceless resolve, Relentless focus)
- Abilitys porocs are shows on debuff panel
- Rearming Trap triggers counter
- Ground DOTs
- Temporary problem with no fully studied abilitys

Most of parameters are optional and can be tune in addon menu

Combat statistics:
Detailed damage/healing report with DoT uptime, player buffs and each target buffs/debuffs and its uptime.
+ group dps on real time. Lightweight code. No resource and memory leaching.
+ each member average dps! (beta: disabled by default) Knows no difference between strong dd and newbie and can equalize them. Addon uses group roles, so it must be correct for close to exact results.

Slash command: /bui (calls addon menu)



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